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Agel & pandanus combi w.wooden handle

Agel net w.lining & leather handle

Agel rainbow

Agel rope natural jaring

Agel stripe w.wooden handle

Agel tone on tone

Agel with coco button

Ata Bangli ember style

Baby equipments

Bamboo colored w.sequinces floral motives

Bamboo w.rattan handle shopping bag

Banana braided deco

Batiked water hycinth w.pandanus leather handle

Beads checker motive purse

Beads circle motive

Blue & white agel w.leather handle

Braided banana w.4 flowers deco

Buttons,beads,sequinces,fish bone evening bag

carpet sun flower motive on canvas

Carpet sunflower design on canvas

Circle beads motive

Colored agel

Colored agel shopping/beach bag

Colored agel w.beads

Colored Pandanus

Colored pandanus little purse

Colored pink agel

Colorful crochet floral w.rattan handle

Colorful lontar palm w.leather handle

Colorfull banana

Cotton batik

Cotton batik Monk

Cotton batik name card folder

Cotton batik patchwork

Cotton batik w.sequinces monk bag

Cotton buttons deco

Cotton emroidered w.bamboo handle

Cotton floral motives beach

Cotton ikat & batik w.braided leather handle

Cotton ikat with wooden handle

Cotton stripe w flowers deco

Cotton stripe deco

Cotton trad. ikat

Cotton Tuban batik & leather folded

Cotton w.zipper motive

Emboidered & sequinces on canvas

Embroidered ethnic on canvas

Embroidered on canvas

Embroidered on orange canvas

Embroidered patchwork

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